The GCASCNA (Greater Cincinnati Area Service Committee of NA) consists of NA members working together to serve the Fellowship of NA in the Cincinnati Area, but not to act as an authority over the Area. In accordance with the 9th Tradition of Narcotics Anonymous, the GCASCNA is directly responsible to those that they serve and shall be respectful of the 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous in all of its affairs and matters of business. Keeping the interest of the NA fellowship in the Cincinnati area and around the world ever at heart shall be yet another of our main concerns.

GCASCNA, operating in its defined and implied responsibilities as directed by the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous in the Cincinnati Area, strives to provide the following services:

1. The primary function of the GCASCNA is to unify aid and provide a forum for communication and offer guidance to NA Groups with needs and difficulties.

2. Facilitate in carrying the NA message through Sub-Committee actions.

3. Additionally, this Committee is to contribute to the growth of NA both by initiating some of the work to be finalized at the Ohio Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous (ORSCNA) and by helping to support our Regional services.

4. The GCASCNA is comprised of elected Group Service Representatives (GSR’s) from the member NA Groups in the Cincinnati Area, an elected Executive Committee of Trusted Servants (i.e. Area Chairperson, Area Vice-Chairperson, Area Secretary, Area Treasurer, Regional Committee Member, and Alternate Regional Committee Member) and GCASCNA Sub-Committee Chairpersons. A NA Group is a member of GCASCNA when they say they are.

5. The Area Service Committee (ASC) meets on the third Sunday of each month (except June - Fourth Sunday) at 2:00 p.m.

Our meeting location is

St. James Episcopal Church

3207 Montana Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45211